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Ayurveda has profound impact in the healthcare sector. The science of healing centered on the healing and gaining self-consciousness. Ayurveda, the oldest therapeutic system revolves around this concept, Tridosha.

What is Tridosha

According to Ayurveda, every individual makes a unique constitution. The understanding of the constitution forms the science of the three doshai.etridosha. Diagnosis, treatment, diet, medications and lifestyle recommendations forms basis on Tridosha, in this mother of healing therapies.

Tridosha means three different principles which also count as energies that basically govern the human. The three energies, called as dosha include

  1. Vata
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha

Every individual is made of a combination of these three energies, which eventually called as tridosha. Tridosha creates a unique balance in each individual. There is no hard and fast rule about the ratio of the tridosha in each individual. It predominantly varies with every single person in the world.

Some people have one dosha dominant, which itself makes the natural balance in the body. In some people, they have more than one dosha dominant, while other dosha neutral or low. Let us explore it more for a better understanding.

Tridosha and Celestial Elements Combination

Tridosha is a combination of the five celestial elements in the Universe. Fire, earth, air, water and ether is found in every human being.

Each dosha has exhibits unique characteristics, preferences, behavior, and energies.

  • Vata – Air and ether element
  • Pitta – Fire element
  • Kapha – Water and earth element

In Ayurveda, imbalance of dosha causes disease. For instance, excess of Kapha makes you vulnerable to cold, flu, infections etc. Domination or imbalanced air element causes dryness related health conditions.

Every individual is born with the dominative element, which could be one or more. Apparently, the characteristics of dominative element are exhibited in every person. The birth dosha represent and exhibit their nature, characteristics and personality.

Vata dominant individuals generally have thin and dry body. They move in a quick pace. When the air element become imbalanced, they tend to lose weight, appear fragile, and prone to degenerative nervous system.

To bounce back and restore the balance, treatment is focused on emphasis of the contrasting qualities of the vata element. Vata being dry, imparting nourishing, heavy and moistness can help restoring health and wellbeing.

Pitta dominant people exhibit the characteristics of fire. They are literally hot, sharp features, muscular physique, oily skin and moderate weight, while their behavior appears courageous, energetic, clarity and focused. Often, the imbalance of Pitta leads to stomach related ailments.

To regain the balance of Pitta, the opposite qualities of fire should be emphasized. For instance, coolness, dryness, etc.

Kapha dominant people are stable, heavy, cool, and generally have large frame, slow metabolism. They often suffer from lung disorders due to the water element. The treatment involves emphasis of hot and dry qualities to clear the imbalance.

Every ayurvedic therapy is tailor-made according to the individual needs. There is no one-for-all approach even for the people with similar doshic composition.

Ayurvedic diagnosis, treatment and post care recommendations revolve around balancing the energy level and harmonizing the individual. Eventually, the concept of tridosha is imperative, rather forms the core of Ayurveda. Diet and lifestyle plays a pivotal role in impacting your doshic balance.

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