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Cardiovascular disorder is a collective term that indicates a number of diseases and disorders related to heart. To name a few, heart disease, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, heart attack, stroke, heart failure, heart valve problems etc

Heart diseases have become very common across worldwide. Even the middle aged population and more increasing population of youngsters suffer from cardiovascular disorders.

The major causes of cardiovascular disorders include.

  • Flight or fight response (Excessive stress)
  • Inactivity or lack of physical activity
  • Overweight
  • High cholesterol / fat / transfat
  • High blood pressure
  • Lack of portion control
  • Food intolerance
  • Hereditary
  • Smoking
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According to Ayurveda, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and poor diet are the three major causes that trigger cardiovascular disorders.

Ayurveda and Cardiovascular Disorder

Ayurveda perceives heart as ‘life energy.’ It manifests life and promotes longevity. Heart is the prana (life) managed by agni and soma, respectively termed as solar and lunar energy elements.

Ayurveda nourishes both the physical heart as well as the emotional heart. It is also fountainhead of the roaring emotions, from joy to frustration.

Vata imbalance is the major reason that leads to cardiovascular disorder. When we understand the triggers of the heart disease, we can easily identify the conditions that vitiate the vata.

Stress aggravates your heart health in two ways – Vata vitiation from mental overload which makes you feel dry and empty and Pitta vitiation from emotional trauma which makes you experience burning heavy sensation.

Heart intensely connects with every single tissue and cell in your body, from head to toe. Three channels connect the heart to the entire body. This intensity of integration is never seen in any other organ, as detailedAyurvedic texts.

  • Mano Vaha Srotas – represents the mind channels which connect with memory, communication, thinking, feeling and discernment.
  • Prana Vaha Srotas – represents respiratory tract which connect with circulating energy and governs emotions, thinking patterns and higher level of communication with self.
  • Rasa Vaha Srotas – represents the plasma and lymph, which connects with supply of nourishing nutrients to every tissue and cell in the body.

Blockage or damage to any part of the channel leads to cardiovascular problems.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Since cardiovascular disorder is an umbrella term, the treatment strategies generally vary with the intensity of the disorder. Generally, an ayurvedic physician derives a treatment protocol after comprehensive diagnosis of the patient. There are some common treatments recommended to protect the heart health and prevent the cardiovascular problems.

high cholesterol high cholesterol level lower saturated fats to avoid cardiovascular disease

Diet recommendations

Vata and Pitta pacifying diet is recommended to nourish various channels in the body. Since cardiovascular disorder affects the Ojas (the good health) Ayurveda insist on eating freshly cooked foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, fiber rich foods, and easily digestible foods. Fresh soups, porridge, fruit juices, etc are preferred. Strict no to oily foods and foods with preservatives!

Exercise / Physical activity and Meditation

Equivalent to dietary changes, moderate physical activity / exercise along with meditation is required. Increase your physical activity by walking, jogging, doing simple stretches, taking stairs etc

Ayurveda and Yoga goes hand in hand. To enhance your health and longevity, you may start practicing yoga.

Panchakarma therapy

Based on the intensity and type of the disorder appropriate therapy is administered. The therapies are aimed at reducing the mental and emotional stress, regulate the body channels and rejuvenate your body as well as mind. Panchakarma detox along with Herbal medicine is a comprehensive Cardiac care plan which is tailor made as per the individul.

Ayurvedic medicine

The primary ayurvedic medicine that cures a number of cardiovascular conditions is ‘Arjuna’ a cardiac tonic. Arjuna is a vasodilator which enhances the circulation, strengthens the heart muscles and protects your heart.

Consult with a well experienced and professional Ayurvedic physician to diagnose your health. Contact Ayurways, Spotswood, Melbourne for comprehensive Ayurcare solutions for you.

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