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Hay Fever

Hay Fever aka Allergic Rhinitis shows flu like symptoms due to sensitivity that occurs in the immune system. On a simple note, if you are allergic to a few things in and around your environment which typically causes no problem in others. Although it is more common in kids   who has undeveloped or underdeveloped immune system, even adults become a prey.

Ayurvedic Perspective of Hay Fever

Hay Fever is a seasonal allergy in Ayurveda.

It involves a combination of two dosha imbalance, Vata and Kapha. The occurrence is more during the dry season and the underlying cause is Vata aggravation. Exposure to allergens leads to inflammation of the soft linings in the nasal path. It produces symptoms like running eyes, facial swelling and pain, sore throat, difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, irritation etc. In some cases, Hay Fever also gets triggered or worsens due to poor digestion (ama) which indicates Pitta imbalance.

Balancing the dosha and improving immunity to external factors combined with healthy diet helps.

Treatment for Hay Fever in Ayurveda

The treatment generally involves clearing the sinus path through various therapies. However, it is a main part of the comprehensive treatment. Overall treatment for complete cure covers strengthening immunity through medicines, herbs and diet recommendations.

Panchakarma Therapy

Nasya – Cleansing the nostrils which clear away the blocks and toxins from the nasal path. It involves rinsing away the blockages in the nostrils by administration of the ghee, medicated oil, or medicated concoctions as per diagnosis.

MukhaAbhyanga – Facial massage with ayurvedic preparations (oil or paste or poultice). It relaxes and strengthens the facial muscles, improves circulation etc.

PadhaAbhyanga – Nothing but foot massage with Ayurvedic oil or ghee, which relives the itching, burning and redness of the eyes triggered by Hay Fever.

Vamana / Virechana – When the patient has normal or healthy digestion,  mere administration of nasal drops or nasal cleanse helps clearing away the blockage. In addition, adding some medicines or tonic to strengthen the immune system along with diet recommendations help curing Hay Fever. When there is impairment of digestion, Vamana or Virechana is administered to cleanse away the toxins from the stomach.

Ayurvedic Medicines

ChyavanPrash – A comprehensive immune booster which strengthens the body

Nimbarajanyadi tablet – Neem and turmeric composition

Chavikasavam  – Fermented liquid useful for cleansing away the nostrils

HaridraKhanda,  Amrutharishta, Inhaling turmeric infused steam etc also helps.

Sitopladichurna – pacify Kapha

Food recommendations for Hay Fever

  • Avoid dairy products which have the tendency to aggravate allergy symptoms as well as aggravate Kapha dosha.
  • Include a lot of herbs and spices to balance Kapha dosha
  • Eat warm, light and semi-fluid foods, more liquids to balance Vata dosha
  • Avoid any kind of heavy foods from pastries, too hot and too cold foods, raw salads, smoothies, soar foods etc which aggravates both Vata and Kapha.
  • Drink herbal teas – infusing the herbs like Tulsi, fennel,  ginger, etc

Hay Fever occurs seasonally, occasionally, or frequently depends on individual’s health and body constitution. Although Hay Fever is not a life threatening condition, frequent episodes may cause a lot of disturbances to the daily activities. Gradually, it may also invite other conditions. Ayurways, theone of the best Ayurvedic wellness center in Melbourne is here to assist you with proper diagnosis, appropriate customized treatment and recommendations to lead a healthy life.

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