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Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder

In the recent years, many mental health conditions affect the kids. ADHD – Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder is one of those brain disorders. Characterized by hyper activity or impulse behavior, the inattention interferes with the healthy growth in all means. It is a degenerative condition with no cure.

It is unfair to provide for the kids to control their impulses, which might do more harm in a long run. ADHD makes life difficult – life of the child affected and the parents if they fail to execute proper care. It becomes more difficult for the child in school, external environments etc.

Chemical stimulation to the nervous is not advisable for the children who already suffer from this condition. From holistic view, Ayurveda provides promising solutions to improve the condition

Ayurveda and ADHD

The brain activity, functions and communications differ with normal children and children diagnosed with ADHD.
It is a Vata disorder in Ayurveda. Vata regulates and controls Central Nervous System. Ama and aggravation of Vata in the nervous system leads to insensitivity.
Vata is dry, mobile, light and airy. It governs the thoughts and memories. Imbalance of Vata leads to anxiety, restlessness, hyperactivity, sleeplessness, inability to concentrate, and many mental health problems. Ironically, due to agitated state of mind, and improper brain patterns (in terms of functions and growth) ADHD kids seek the stimulating activities. It forms a vicious cycle which further aggravates the already hyper nervous system. Due to Vata dominance, Central Nervous System fails to secrete the neurotransmitters which naturally control the child.

Ayurvedic Treatment for ADHD

Vata pacifying lifestyle is the primary element that controls the surge of sensitive activities.

Bed time oil massage – Oil is the primary vata pacifying element. Try to give a warm oil massage with unrefined oils (preferably coconut oil or you can get the prescription oil from Ayurways) from head to toe. It induces good sleep by relaxing the muscles and calming down the body. Alternatively, you can also give foot massage to relax and unwind. You can include nervous strengthening and soothing aromatic oils to the massage oil.

Schedule an easy routine, especially for bedtime and waking up time. It helps them cope with the routine and reduces the extra stimulating activities to some extent.

Always provide warm, soft, moist and seasonal foods. It is the best way to anchor your mealtime. You can feed warm herbal teas two or three times a day. Even half a cup would be suffice. Give spiced milk before bedtime. Milk is a natural mild sedative, which also pacifies vata.

Vata disorder generally inclined to new activities. ADHD kids can be involved in a range of new activities that are creative and engaging.

Ayurvedic Medicines for ADHD

You can consult with the ayurvedic practitioner to get proper prescription for the Ayurvedic medicines. It is not recommended to include any medications without prescription. Some of the common medicines include,

  • French Maritime pine bark extract
  • Ginseng
  • Ningdong
  • Bacopa
  • Brahmi
  • Ashwagandha

Yoga for ADHD Kids

Lifestyle changes are very essential to curb down the symptoms and make living easy. Yoga comes handy to help the ADHD kids in a long way.

Meditation, listening to muscle, breathing, and physical exertion – forms part of Yoga, which gives soothing and calming effect for ADHD kids. Many researches on mindful meditation and yoga for ADHD children shows promising results.

Regular practice of yoga which involves a series of poses like Sun Salutation (A set of 12 poses) improves brain health and functions. It enhances the secretion of dopamine as well as makes the prefrontal cortex stronger.

Training yoga for ADHD kids result with

  • Improved attention
  • More focus
  • Being less hyper / reduction in the frequency
  • Naturally happy and able to smile, laugh and enjoy themselves

Remember, hyperactivity and impulse behavior is a major trigger of ADHD. It doesn’t mean all hyperactive children are ADHD kids. For a personal consultation, contact Ayurways, the Ayurvedic wellness center in Melbourne.

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