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Many factors can affect the progeny of the women. Endometriosis is one of the primary causes of infertility in women. Characterized by the abnormal growth of tissues, it is a rather painful condition. The exact causes of endometriosis are still unidentified in the western medicine.

Uterus has endometrial tissues which lie in the lining of the uterus. The tissue grows outside the uterus as normally as it would be. The displacement of the tissue gets trapped, which irritates the surrounding tissues, developing into scar and adhesions. It affects menstrual cycle and gradually leads to infertility.

Generally, pain during menstrual cycle becomes intolerable and severe due to endometriosis. Signs of endometriosis include stabbing pain on either side of the pelvis, severe throbbing pain in the lower back, and pain that drag from rectal down the legs.

Although it is predominantly concluded that endometriosis has no cure or treatment, Ayurveda has detailed about the causes, factors that trigger endometriosis and therapies to recover from this condition.

Ayurvedic Perspective of Endometriosis

From the eyes of Ayurveda, women’s progeny is determined by a combination of four factors.

  1. Ritu – regular menstrual cycle
  2. Kshetra – healthy uterus
  3. Ambu – nutritious fluids
  4. Beej – ovum and sperm

Endometriosis is not triggered by any single reason.  According to Charaka Samhita, the ancient text of Ayurveda, this condition is an outcome of Vata vitiation, when the vitiated Vata reaches a woman’s reproductive system.

Endometrosis – Imbalance of three doshas

According to Ayurvedic classification, it is categorized under all three Doshic imbalances under different circumstances.

Overgrowth of cells is a Kapha imbalance.  Since the location of the uterus and involvement of hormones as well as blood, it also indicates a Pitta imbalance.  Since menstrual cycle involves movement it is also a vata disorder. Imbalance of all three doshas leads to endometriosis, more or less which indicates vitiation or lack of balance in Tridoshas.

Apana Vata is the element responsible for managing the regular menstrual cycle in women.

This element gets vitiated due to several collective factors like poor diet, irregular sleep or poor sleep patterns, stress, living in stressful atmosphere, too much sleep or sedentary lifestyle, and lack of physical activity.  The Apana Vata deranges and retrograde the menstrual cycle which triggers the displacement of endometrial tissue.

Women with natural Pitta constitution in the body tend to suppress the natural urge, which is likely to aggravate Vata in the reproductive system. Generally, endometriosis is seen more in women with Natural Kapha constitution.

Treatment for Endometriosis in Ayurveda

Restoration of three doshas is the ultimate objective of ayurveda to treat endometriosis.

Snehana – It includes administration of oil externally in form of massage, and internal administration through ghee or other medicated oils namely,Sapthasaraghritham, Trivritsneha,Indukanthaghritham etc.

Swedana – Steam bath

Massage and steam bath enhances the circulation and reduces pain. It also clears the blockages in the tiny channels in the tissues and also pacifies the Vatadosha.

Virechana – Purgation therapy, where mild purgative herbs are administered. It helps balancing the vitiated Pitta.

Medicated Enemas – Medicated liquids are administered through vaginal or anal  routes.  It cleanses the genital tract, removes the obstruction in the fertility path and strengthens the uterus.

Herbal medicines for endometriosis

  • VaranadhiKashayam is prescribed during the non-bleeding phase.
  • Dashamoolarista for boosting immunity
  • Ashokarista and sukumaraghritham for enhancing the fertility
  • Dhanvantaravati and tripahlaguggulu for pain relief

Avoid long travels, heavy exercises and poor diet choices. Changing lifestyle helps to a great extent to get quick recovery. To get promising results in treating endometriosis, consult with Ayurways, Spotswood Melbourne now.

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