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Depression, the menace can be described as the Cancer of the Mind! On a general note, it is characterized by low energy, erratic mood swings, prolonged sadness, loss of interest, dejection, utter misery etc which affects the daily life. It is listed as one of the most traumatic emotional disorders, which could cost a life!

Depression is not a short-term problem. It is an unpleasant malady that manifest in varying degrees. The impact of depression is quite severe that without proper intervention it may lead to self-destruction and suicidal thoughts. The feeling of slight sadness frequently may outgrow into chronic depression.

Strain, lack of emotional support, physical and mental stress, loneliness, etc gradually lead to depression.

Ayurvedic Imbalance in Depression

In Ayurveda, Depression is termed as ‘Vishada.’ According to body constitution and Tridosha, depression is primarily an outcome of the imbalance of Kapha dosha. However, the other two Doshas can also lead to Kapha imbalance. These are mainly of  three types:

KaphajVishad – Imbalanced Kaphadosha vitiates Vata, which gradually triggers Pitta imbalance. Altogether, it impairs the functions of the nervous system. Although it is Kapha imbalanced condition, all three dosha elements cause/aggravates it. Kapha becomes imbalanced when you lose a Person/Possession with whom you are deeply attached. Water is the element that represents binding, generating attachment whereas Earth is stable and stubborn,these are the two elements of Kapha. Loss of attachment or a personshakes the core of these elements, which manifests into depression.

VatajVishad -Loss or death of a person / or loss of things leads to Vata induced depression. (Vata represents air and space)

PittajVishad – Pitta induced depression is caused byfeelings of getting burnt out. Failure to meet expectations of self or others, self criticizing mentality, failures etc. are the major triggers.

Depression is also defined as the disorder that arises with the aggravation of Tama (quality). Tamasic quality of the mind causes depression.

Treatment Approach for Depression in Ayurveda

Ayurveda approaches treating depression with different therapies as a comprehensive solution from diet to lifestyle changes and support.

Dietary recommendations

  • The diet of the person suffering from depression should completely exclude tea, coffee, alcohol, carbonated beverages and all types of heavy, fried foods.
  • More of vegetables, fresh fruits and fruit juices, easily digestible foods are helpful.
  • Boiled and freshly cooked warm and light foods with herbs and spices that carry nice aroma are beneficial.

Mandatory Lifestyle changes

Physical Activities / Exercises

Physical exercise plays an important role in the treatment of depression. When you exercise, it improves the circulation, secretes healthy hormones, and makes you feel good. Regular exercise increases the metabolism, which enhances the energy level.  Exercises not only keep the body physically and mentally fit but also provides recreation and mental relaxation.

  • A person suffering from depression can effortlessly overcome it by being more active, positive and diverting his attention towards other people and things.
  • The pleasure of achieving something overcomes distress or misery.
  • Meditation helps to a great extent to calm down the nerves.

Panchakarma – Detox Therapy for Depression

Specific treatments in Panchakarma help to get relief from depression.

  • Abhyanga – Ayurvedic oil massage (whole body) that soothes the nerves, relaxes the body
  • Shirodhara – Gentle pouring of medicated liquids / oil in the forehead, which balances and stabilizes the mind
  • Nasya – cleansing the nostril to feel energetic and fresh
  • Basti– Hebal medicated oil/ Decoction Enemas

Medicines for depression

Ayurveda has many medicines to that soothe the nerves, stabilize the mind and createa balance. These are Ayurvedic anti-depressants, these Herbal medicines do not have any side effects. Some of the common ayurvedic antidepressants in ayurveda include,

  • Brahmi Ghrita
  • MedhyaRasayana
  • Brahma Rasayana
  • Ashwagandharishta

Depression needs proper medical intervention. Also, it is not recommended to take ayurvedic medicines without proper consultation. Contact Ayurways – Spotwoods, Melbourne, for the comprehensive solution to ease away depression with right therapy, medicine and diet changes.

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