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Psoriasis is aninflammatory, non-contagious chronic disorder that affects your skin. It produces thick, itchy and scaling skin. The autoimmune condition results from rapid proliferation of the skin cells. Due to impaired immune system, white blood cells produce inflammatory chemicals which proliferates the skin. The causes and symptoms vary with every individual. Although it is considered an incurable condition, Ayurveda helps overcoming this chronic disease.

While modern medical science still struggles to find a cure for psoriasis, ayurveda with multiple treatment approach already has proven the efficacy in treating psoriasis.

Ayurvedic Perception of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an outcome of the massive accumulation of ama (toxins) in the body and is termed as ‘Kitibha.’

Vata and Kapha energy destruction leads to psoriasis.  Various elements in your cells and tissues absorb the ama.

  • Supplement plasma – Ama
  • Blood – Rakta
  • Lasika – lymphatic
  • Muscles – Mansa

Reflection of ama in skin manifests as psoriatic flakes on the skin. When the profound tissues and cells gt contaminated, it causes psoriasis.

Ayurveda classifies different causes of psoriasis as follows:

  1. ViruddhaAahar – Eating opposite foods or contradictory foods together
  2. MithyaAhara – Bad choice of food that doesn’t suit you
  3. MithyaVihara – Poor lifestyle leads to disruption of the energy balance in the doshas
  4. Excessive mental trauma and stress
  5. Violation of the laws of Panchakarma (Cleansing and purification process)
  6. AdirstaHetu – Unknown cause, may be hereditary and combination of all above factors

An energy imbalance happens due to many reasons. When we look into causes of psoriasis, choice of food or foot habits contributes towards the accumulation of toxins. For instance, eating too much sea foods, foods high in salt and trans-fat etc. Apart from the ama and food habits, psoriasis is also an inherited condition.

Hereditary condition need not affect everyone. The condition may never show-up with healthy lifestyle. Psychological trauma and stress are the two major reasons that enhance the psoriatic flare-ups.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Psoriasis

Purification and detox is the ultimate aim of psoriasis treatment in ayurveda. Deep cleansing the tissues and cells, followed by restoration of digestion treats psoriasis. The treatment involves multiple therapies, strict diet and lifestyle changes.

Herbs and Ayurvedic Medicines for External and Internal Administration

External application for psoriasis helps minimizing the flare-ups, reduce the pain and itching sensation.

  • Root of Kasamarda mixed with sour gruel
  • Leaves of aragvadha mixed with sour gruel
  • SvetakaraviryadiTaila
  • Gomutradilepa
  • Pippalyadilepa
  • GandirkadyamTaila
  • Leech Therapy (a part of Panchakarma)
  • Aloe vera

Ayurvedic medicines remedies, internal administration for psoriasis include,

  • Vairakaghrta
  • Khadirasava
  • PancatiktaghrtaGugglu
  • AmrtaGuggulu
  • Rasamanikya
  • PancanimbaCurna

Panchakarma Therapy

The primary therapy of psoriasis in ayurveda is Panchakarma therapy, which is an ultimate detox treatment. It is a combination of physical therapies that cleanses and purifies your body. The therapies include,

  • Consumption of mediated / herb infused ghee
  • Virechana – elimination of toxins
  • Medicated body wraps to heal the flare-ups – mud, herbal paste, banana leaf etc
  • Herbal enema

On the other hand, the comprehensive Panchakarma therapy – which involves five step purification process is administered in many patients based on severity of the condition. The duration and type of the therapies depends on the severity of the condition.

Diet recommendation for psoriasis

Diet plays a pivotal role in managing the condition and boosting the effects of the therapy. During and after the treatment, strict adherence to the recommended diet is crucial.

  • Strict no to fried foods, salty, acidic and sour foods.
  • Avoid meat
  • Eat loads of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Eat easily digestible foods and freshly cooked foods

You should refrain from eating the foods opposite foods that dramatically flareup the flakes and scaly skin. For instance, fish and milk!

Ayurvedic practitioners say, ‘listen to your body!’ it helps to a great extent in managing the condition. If you want to know more about managing your health or if you look for a complete solution for psoriasis, visit Ayurways, Spotswood Melbourne.

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