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With Ayurveda you are just a step away from clearer skin
With Ayurveda you are just a step away from clearer skin

With Ayurveda you are just a step away from clearer skin

Unveiling the simple secrets to clearer skin – Go ayurveda for healthy and clearer skin  

Ayurveda is not just a form of medication, but a way of life. Formed several thousand years ago, the oldest system of traditional medicine insists to follow certain ways. According to ayurveda, you cannot put anything on skin that you cannot eat. The ancient healing system clears up your skin from internally, which carries the rejuvenating effect.

How ayurveda can help you getting clearer skin

The key to clearer skin from ayurvedic perspective is too simple. In ayurveda, every individual is unique. Each body is made of different elements. So, ayurveda focuses on eating according to the body. When you eat what your body needs, it’s done. You stay healthy, young and enjoy longevity.

Seasonal eating is strongly recommended by ayurveda. Eat anything that is generously available in every season. For instance, cucumber and melons are found only in summer. These are cooling foods, which provides extra moisture to the skin, hydrates your body and keeps the entire system cool, which has positive impact on skin.

Ayurveda includes a lot of spices and herbs in cooking, which contains innumerable nourishing properties to the skin.

Ghee and honey are two nectars used a lot to cure many ailments. Consuming ghee is an essential part of ayurvedic routine. Ghee lubricates the body, makes the skin soft and supple and gives a natural glow. The properties of honey on getting clearer skin are known. Honey is a good cleanser and nourishes your skin.

Ayurvedic therapies for clearer skin 

Ayurveda not just focus on eating for clearer skin, but also has a lot of therapies to rejuvenate your skin and body. Abhyanga is the whole body oil massage which balances all doshas, rejuvenates you from top to toe, improves circulation and makes the skin glow.

Ayur therapies are intended to drive away toxins from the body and keep your gut healthy. Ayurvedic therapies are performed using herbal oils along with herbal concoctions. There are several rejuvenating herbs used in ayurvedic medicine.

Simple ayurvedic secrets to clear skin

  • Eat according to your body type and stick to seasonal eating
  • Eat light, eat fresh and eat from your kitchen – it eliminates eating unhealthy foods
  • Take warm oil bath at least once a week
  • Apply oil to lubricate your muscles and hydrate the skin which improves circulation
  • Practice deep breathing exercise to clear away the toxins
  • Balance your mind and body with meditation
  • Eat like a bird – nuts and seeds
  • Sip herbal tea

When you meticulously follow ayurvedic routine, you are just a step away from getting clearer skin. Ayurveda doesn’t cure a single condition, rather focus on improving your health for better. Ayurveda nurtures you from internally, which apparently reflects on your skin.

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