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Signs that your body needs Detox
Signs that your body needs Detox

Signs that your body needs Detox

Detox is a process of removal of toxins from your body. Toxins and wastes accumulate in the body constantly. As such, excretion, the natural way of removal of toxins also happens. And, we excrete through urine, stool, sweating etc. At times, your body fails to expel the wastes.  Accumulation of wastes in the body is called as AMA. AMA is the major cause of imbalances and diseases. Everyone needs a detox at some point of time and even periodically. So, what are the signs that tell your body needs detox?

Often or occasionally, your body exhibits certain signs and symptoms. You are right, the signs / symptoms are indicators of the underlying disease. When it comes to Ayurveda, it is actually an imbalance in your dosha leading to specific condition.

Pain is also a sign or an indication that calls for attention and says something is wrong inside your body. However, it doesn’t mean your body need detox. Now, check out the following signs your body signalling for three months or more.

  1. White or yellow-coated tongue and / or bad breath – First indication your oral health gets tampered. Tongue is a clear indication that teaches you what is wrong in your body.
  2. Increased belly or visceral fat – The primary indication that body need detox is increase in size of your belly. AMA accumulates in the body in your stomach, which begins with poor digestion or excessive eating. When digestion is affected, everything gets ruined.
  3. Fluid retention – A majority of lifestyle and chronic diseases accompany these symptoms – fluid retention. Lack of circulation or inability for proper circulation blocks transmission of energy from one part of the body to the other. The same applies to congested nasal path.
  4. Cravings for sweets – Craving for sweets over a specific period is a clear indication that your blood sugar level is dripping
  5. Abdominal bloating  and / or water retention – Poor circulation, poor digestion, digestive issues, kidney related disorders (Excretion) etc  indicates these signs
  6. Gallbladder issues (with constant / intermittent stomach pain), constipation  – While everyone develop gall stones, few remain hard and strong causing a wreck in the body.
  7. Fatigue even with more sleep, especially in the morning – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a recent lifestyle condition that makes you feel exhausted all day and night. Too much fatigue means depleted energy and no ojas in the body. 
  8. Poor immunity, frequently developing infection, cold etc – Accumulation of AMA affects your immunity. The immune system loses the strength and body gradually loses it efficacy to fight against the diseases.
  9. Acne, dry skin, itchy skin, scaly skin, inflammation – Any change in the skin indicates that something is wrong internally. Dryness, excess of vata impact and indicates through skin.
  10. Constant moodiness, mood swings, absence of happiness, irritability  –  Imbalance of doshas lead to emotional fluctuations
  11. Chemical sensitivity – you feel irritated, or lightheaded with specific fragrances
  12. Insomnia – Lack of sleep or no sleep for more than 3 to 4 months

If you experience at least 4 or more of signs for quite some period, it is time for detox!

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