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Role of Guduchi in Ayurveda
Role of Guduchi in Ayurveda

Role of Guduchi in Ayurveda

Guduchi is one of most treasured herbs in the ayurvedic medicine. It is called ‘the amrit of ayurveda.’ The term amrit means imperishable, eternal and everlasting. Guduchi gives you good health and protects your body from diseases.

Hope you aware about the legend about gods and demons who churned the ocean to draw out the nectar that bestows the drinker with immortal life. Guduchi almost echoes the role of the amrit, except the immortalizing effect.

Guduchi is used widely in ayurvedic therapies to cure a number of chronic ailments from stress to autoimmune conditions.

Traditionally, it has been used on numerous actions, which predominantly lies on balancing the vitiated dosha.

Effects of guduchi on three doshas

Guduchi balances all three doshas and aids maintaining equilibrium of the body.

  • Balances the aggravated vata dosha (air) when consumed with ghee
  • Balances the aggravated pitta dosha (fire) when consumed with jaggery
  • Balances the aggravated kapha dosha (water) when consumed with honey

Guduchi removes the excessive toxins from the body through urine, without affecting the doshas.

Ayurvedic properties of guduchi

 All parts of this ayurvedic herb are used for medicinal purpose.

  • Taste / Flavor – Bitter and astringent
  • Doshic nature – Balancing
  • Energy – Heat
  • Effects post digestion – Sweet
  • Qualities – Oily and heavy 
  • Doshic balance – Pacifies very high pitta dosha

Health benefits of guduchi

Being native to India, guduchi has been used for several centuries in India.

It is one of the most powerful and nutritive herb that boosts immunity. Besides, guduchi stimulates your immune response to diseases and infections.

A natural blood purifier, which subsequently enhances your strength and stamina

Strengthens the liver health and aids in optimal functions of the liver. It is also a potential liver detoxifier. Guduchi is probably the best ayurvedic herb that helps you recover quickly from hepatitis infections.

A boon for the people with rheumatic problems. Helps you recover from gout, arthritis, degeneration of the bones, cervical problems and rheumatism.  

Guduchi also play a vital role in stimulating your brain functions.

Loaded with antioxidants, it delays cell damage and improves vitality. Guduchi enhances your skin tone, texture and complexion.

Guduchi is an anti-diabetic herb! Yet, diabetics should take precaution while consuming guduchi. It can dramatically lower the blood sugar level.

It can be your one stop shop for all digestive related ailments from nausea, acidity to gastrointestinal disorder.

Role of guduchi in ayurveda

 According to charaka samhita, guduchi is classified under following categories.


It refers to a group of rejuvenating herbs, used in anti-aging, rejuvenation and vitality therapies. Guduchi has abundance of antioxidants which prevents and delays cell damages. 

Daha prashamana

It refers to a group of herbs that aids in reducing the burning sensation. Guduchi is a digestive ailment. It cures all sorts of digestive troubles, from acid reflux to chronic indigestion.

Trishna nigraha

It refers to a group of herbs that helps controlling excessive thirst. Excessive thirst is one of the major symptoms of diabetes. Guduchi is an anti-diabetic herb. Exercise caution while using guduchi if you are a diabetic, because you may experience a sudden drop in sugar levels. It also induces natural hunger.


Refers to the herb that carries the tendency to absorb the excess liquids from the body.


Probably, guduchi is the only ayurvedic herb that can cleanse the breast milk.

Medhya Rasayana

Listed among the 4 brain tonics, meant for brain cells rejuvenation. It provides you strong memory, improved ability to recollect things, enhanced concentration and grasping power.

A Word to Note:

Remember the saying, ‘too much cooks spoil the broth.’ Guduchi is an amrit and excessive intake of the even the nectar may end up causing some complications. Although guduchi is used to treat a myriad of ailments, improper consumption is unhealthy. Consult with an ayurvedic practitioner to get appropriate dosage.

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