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Ayurways Stress Blaster Package
Ayurways Stress Blaster Package

Ayurways Stress Blaster Package

Stress is the new age killer! Everyone suffer from some degree of stress at many point of time in their life. It doesn’t exclude the children too! There are many causes to stress and consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner to find the obvious root cause or causes for the same.

  • 3 X 120 minutes of Abhyanga + Shirodhara – $ 425


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Nirvana Package is the combination of the Abhyanga and Shirodhara!

Abhyanga means Ayurvedic oil massage of the head and the body. It is a complete rejuvenation therapy that pacifies all doshas. Combined with Shirodhara therapy, it helps relieving the excess Vata. However, Shirodhara is for everyone to calm down and unwind the body and mind.

Nirvana is one of the core parts of Panchakarma, detox therapy. Eventually, it carries the power of detoxifying effect. The persuasive therapeutic touch therapy is recommended to overcome several health ailments. Abhyanga on a daily basis nourishes the body both internally and externally. Careful blend of naturally aromatic herbal oils and sesame oil are used to do Abhyanga.

Many liquids are used in Shirodhara therapy. Generally, Ayurvedic oil is poured on the forehead, where alternatively, milk, water, herbal water, milk, coconut milk, butter milk, etc are used.


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