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Ayurways Ayurvedic Consultation
Ayurways Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurways Ayurvedic Consultation

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The treatments help ease the symptom along with the cause and it also improves the immune system overall

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  • Follow up consult – $ 50
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Ayurvedic consultation differs a lot from the typical allopathic consultation. Diagnosis of a disease or a health condition in Ayurveda is done simply without necessity of the medical equipments. Yes, in most cases, expert and experienced ayurvedic practitioner simply diagnose and consult with the patient without any medical devices! Generally, a typical ayurvedic consultation for the first time will take at least 30 minutes. What is an ayurvedic consultation exactly? You will find the answer here.

Ayurvedic consultation is generally an eight fold aspect. It is termed as Asthavidha Pariksha – eight types of examinations.


Most of the ayurvedic practitioners can diagnose the health condition just by checking the pulse. Pulse rate depicts the current state of the body, difficulties experienced (both physically and mentally), strength of doshas, etc.

Physical Observation

In the eight fold aspect of the ayurvedic consultation, besides pulse, tongue, eyes, nail, skin, etc are examined by the ayurvedic practitioner.


Besides observation, sparsha means ‘touch’ indicates the health condition. The ayurvedic practitioners touch the body to identify the conditions. Different types of doshas have different characteristics, which are revealed in the body.


Prashna means conversation with patients to find the right treatment plan to cure the ailments quickly. Generally, prashna is followed after diagnosing the health completely. For instance, duration of the pain, how long does the patient suffer from the particular disease, any mental agony, etc.

Urine and Feces

It will not be really very comfortable to discuss about examining urine and feces. Color of the urine, quantity and frequency helps detecting the underlying disease. Similarly, vitality of the body as well as digestive system is indicated by the feces.

Natal constitution of your body, termed as Janma Prakriti and the current imbalance called Vikriti. Based on prakriti and vikriti, treatment protocols will be designed.




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