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Skin Care

Skin Care

Skin Care from Ayurvedic Context:

Skin, the sensitive part of the body, acts like a barometer of the individual’s health. Majority of the health conditions have its impact on the skin health. Moreover, just by monitoring the changes in the skin, we can identify the progression of the diseases.

Ayurveda admires skin as “Matruj Avyaya’ called the maternal origin, as it senses the pain, touch, temperature, pressure, etc. Skin care is something very similar to the baby care.

Skin has seven layers and the required nutrition is absorbed from Mansa Dhatu, the muscle tissues. Skin is also referred as Updhatu of the Raktadhatu, secondary tissue of the blood and it doesn’t supply nutrition to other tissues. Eventually, it reflects the quality of the blood and blood cells, like mirror showing its reflection.

Since the nutrition is absorbed from the internal muscle tissues, irrespective of the amount of facial scrub, massage, bleaching, chemical peel and cosmetic treatments, received through the highly skilled beautician, it can only hide the shallow flaws to certain extent. No cosmetics and creams can fix the unhealthy skin just by applying it on the external layer. Needless to say, a healthy skin always has its radiance even with no pinch of makeup.

Ayurvedic Skin Type:

Skin type is broadly classified into three, oily, dry and normal skin. Ayurvedic approach to the skin care starts with identifying the skin type, Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata Skin (dry skin): It is characterised by dry, subtle, cool and tantalizing skin and has more qualities of air. Vata skin is more exposed to the windy and dry season and gets tanned easily in the dry as well as cool season. The skin becomes rough, unappealing and flaky in the dry season. Due to these characteristics, vata skin is vulnerable to developing aging signs, very early. Normally people with Vata Skin tend to develop aging signs sooner than others. Vata skin dehydrates quickly and people with vata skin need to stay hydrated by drinking more liquids.

Pitta Skin (sensitive skin): Neither thick nor thin, which is sensitive, soft, supple and fair are the characteristics of the Pitta skin, having the qualities of fire and water. This skin type is not affected by any change in the weather condition. Yet, it has a very lower level of tolerance to the hot foods. People with Pitta skin are vulnerable to develop freckles and characterised with moles. It is also exposed to develop acne, red spots, rashes, and some prominent of skin disorders.

Kapha Skin (oily skin): It is characterised by the soft, breezy, oily, thick, cool, pale skin type. Since it has the qualities of earth and water, it is obviously tolerant to the sun and is not affected extensively even by any extreme climate, like extreme hot summer months or cold winter. People with Kapha skin are less likely to develop the aging signs. It is very hard to find wrinkles and fine lines on the Kapha skin. Yet, they are prone to water retention, cystic acne, oiliness throughout day and night, etc.

Vata Pitta Skin: A combination of dry and sensitive skin

Vata Kapha Skin: A combination of dry and oily skin.

Kapha Pitta Skin: A combination of sensitive and oily skin.

Ayurvedic approach for the skin generally has its focus on seasonal and environmental factors.

Characteristics of the people with Ideal Skin in Ayurveda

Ideal skin refers to the skin that is soft, flawless, smooth, thin,little oily and glowing, which is not affected by any external factors like climate changes, People who boast the unblemished, healthy and plump skin, called the Ideal skin have some common physical and behavioural characteristics. They have healthy body, positive and energetic mind.

The ideal skin also reflects through the beautiful hair which is oily, soft, glowing, thick and rooted deep. The eyes are usually brown or black with clear vision. The cornea, pupils and sclera of the eyes can be distinguished from others, as they are quite attractive. They have the hydrated, plump and juicy lips.

Ayurvedic Philosophy on Skin Care

The Ayurvedic philosophy on skin care is very simple to implement. If you cannot eat anything, you should not put it in skin. The nourishing element, so called the cosmetic creams, that is loaded with minerals and vitamins, claiming to nourish and treat the skin, is not natural and cannot take internally. The external beauty and radiant skin is reflected from the internal nourishment, by consuming the natural products and merely treating the outer layer of skin is absurd. Internal detox by Panchakarma is felt very clearly on the skin.

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