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Infertility is the new epidemic disorder. Fertility rate has been drastically reducing in the recent past. Overall lifestyle, stress and negligence about the health and self-care remain the three major reasons that affect the progeny in women. It is triggered by a number of factors from simple menstrual irregularities to severe uterus problems.

According to the ancient wisdom, the 5000 years old comprehensive medicine Ayurveda, infertility refers to the biological impairment in a woman that affects the progeny. It also refers to the woman’s state where she cannot carry the pregnancy to the full term.

Treatment of infertility in women has been explored in detail with comprehensive solutions. Also, one of the Vedas, AtharvaVeda detailed about the importance of resorting to Ayurveda for treating infertility along with various treatment methods.

Ayurvedic Perspective of Infertility in Women

While the western medicine talks about the structural deficiency or deformity in the reproductive parts in women as primary cause of infertility, Ayurveda sheds light into the root cause of such structural deformity or damages.

Fibroids, endometriosis, thickening of the uterus walls, cervical canal defect, block in the tubes, cysts, malnutrition, etc are the major causes of infertility. These conditions are triggered by the vitiation / imbalance of the Doshas in the reproductive system.

Conception occurs without any problems when both men and women are healthy, with healthy uterus, healthy sperm and healthy ovum. The reproductive health and progeny solely depend on the healthy reproductive tissues called, ‘Shukra Dhatu.’

It is formed naturally as a chain activity of metabolic transformations. The chain or cycle includes the following:

  • proper digestion of the food,
  • transforming the food into nutrients,
  • blood
  • muscles
  • fat
  • bone
  • bone marrow
  • Shukra tissue ie Reproductive tissue

So, the healthy reproduction is depending on the overall health of a woman.

Vata vitiation is one of the primary causes of disorders in the reproductive system in women. However, reproductive organs and the process involve all three doshas. In some form or other, imbalance of all three doshas contributes to infertility.

The process of preparing for conception in Ayurveda can be explained beautifully

  • Sperm/Ovum -Seeds
  • Uterus -Soil
  • Nourishment -Water
  • Time for Conception -Timing of Sowing


Ayurvedic treatment principles for infertility include,

  1. Vatanulomana – balancing the Vata functions with proper diet, physical therapies and exercise
  2. Ama Pachana – expelling Ama through various therapies, especially Basti, and enhance the digestive functions
  3. Sodhana – Purification therapy, which is nothing but Panchakarma! It cleanses the whole body from the deep tissues and rejuvenates.

Ojas Building Diet To Nourish Health

Diet plays a major role in boosting fertility and Ojas (liveliness and energy) in the body where the physical, emotional and spiritual health remains intact.  Strict adherence to the nourishing diet regulates the ovulation by balancing the Doshas. It also helps regulating the hormonal imbalance.

Ghee, buttermilk, nuts and seeds, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, plant source proteins like peas, beans, etc, aromatic herbs and spices, honey, saffron, etc.  are nourishing foods.

To boost fertility, you should stay away from eating specific foods – GMO foods, high fat and high salted foods, trans fat, meat, artificial sweeteners, soda, excessive caffeine, refined carbs, artificial flavorings and any food that comes in packages, cans and tins!

Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbs

Infertility is not a disease by itself. It is an outcome of various disorders and diseases. There are many ayurvedic medicines and herbs that can help you eradicate the underlying cause and boost the fertility.

Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Amalaki are the three common ayurvedic herbal medicines prescribed for women. These are extremely beneficial to synergize the hormones and create the equilibrium in the body.

Also, there is no single medicine or herb that promotes fertility. Medicines shall be taken in combination as per the causes and imbalance of the Dosha.

  • For the Ovulation disorder – Ashoka, Shatavari, Dashmoola, Guggulu etc.
  • For the Premature Ovarian failure (POF) – Dashmoola, Shatavari, Jeevanti Guduchi, Ashoka etc.
  • For the Blockages in the Fallopian Tubes, Scar Tissues and Pelvic Inflamamtion – Guduchi, Ashwagandha, Punarnava, etc.

“Garbadhan Samskar” is the very beautifully designed program for both males and females to cleanse and rejuvenate and get blessed with a beautiful bundle of joy!

Infertility is no more a big concern to worry! With right treatment and lifestyle, you can get beniffited. Contact Ayurways, Melbourne to get the appropriate diagnosis and promising Ayurvedic consultation and treatments for infertility.

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