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Organic Healing Approach to Organic Living Beings
Organic Healing Approach to Organic Living Beings

Organic Healing Approach to Organic Living Beings

Whoever you are and what you do, regardless of what you like and dislike, every life on earth is an organic living being. We are made by and made of nature, accustomed to live in aligning with the nature. Generally, we tend look at the bigger picture for any problem to get the appropriate solution. It means holistic approach. When it comes to medicine and healthcare, we must look directly at the organic healing approach. The conventional medicines provide organic healing approach to the organic living beings, where ancient wisdom, Ayurveda stands tall and high!  

Organic healing approach means healing as a whole, which is also termed as holistic healing. Under this medical setting, a person is addressed as a whole person. We can classify organic healing approach into many facets.

  1. Seeing a person as a whole not symptoms, causes, reasons etc
  2. Achieving balance and overall wellness
  3. Using natural resources as therapy

This healing process perceives a person’s mental, emotional, and psychological health, in addition to the physical health. In case of requirements, the socioeconomic factors too included. The organic healing approach is administered from diagnosis to post therapy care. The approach empowers the patient which enables him or her to learn self-care.

The principle of holistic therapy applies to organic healing too. Holistic medicine aims at achieving the optimal health, balance and wellness. A person is composed of interlinked parts which are rooted to one another. If one part loses its efficacy, the related parts are likely to get affected. The same applies to physical, emotional and mental health. When people are emotionally affected, it affects their physical too and vice versa.

Organic means natural and nature. It doesn’t make any harm to the human beings who are indeed a part of nature. The patient who needs treatment for any imbalance is administered treatment and therapies that uses natural resources. The Philosophy of Ayurveda is living aligned to nature. Foods you eat, clothes you wear, your habits, activities, etc must be aligned to the climate, the place you live and what the nature demands. So, the treatment approach completely revolves around using the organic sources to heal the patient. Use of herbs, plants, flowers, oils, concoctions of various herbs, etc makes the most part of therapies in Ayurveda.

In addition to above core concepts, organic healing approach also believes in the following factors.

  • Every individual has potential innate healing ability to recover from any disease, both physically and emotionally. They just need the right trigger.
  • A patient is seen as an individual or a person not as a disease or cluster of symptoms.
  • Treatment generally focuses on fixing the root cause of any disease not treating the symptoms.
  • Organic healing approach varies with every individual and with patient, which can potentially enhance the quality of life.

Most of the diseases are caused by one or more imbalances in body that may arise due to many reasons. Reinforcing the balancing through organic healing helps healthy life and longevity. 

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