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Myth Blasters of Traditional Medicine
Myth Blasters of Traditional Medicine

Myth Blasters of Traditional Medicine

Most of us believed, followed, and lived at least a few myths of the traditional medicine. Non-medical approaches that do fall inside the circle of western / contemporary medicine often met with a lot of criticism and skepticism.

Pseudo Science – Traditional Medicine is No more a Pseudo Science

It is called the pseudo science since it lacks the scientific evidences. Different forms of traditional medicine existed for pretty much long time. It is not merely a cluster of herbal medicines travelled down from ages to the current millennial world. Traditional medicines recommend a holistic approach. While the western concepts focus mainly on treating symptoms, traditional medicines address the root cause.

However, the claims are being withdrawn gradually owing to the efficacy of the holistic approach in recovering from diseases.

Traditional Medicines Cure at a Slow Pace

This is a common fallacy about the traditional medicine. This myth specifically keeps people away from seeking cure from traditional medicine. There are multiple approaches in different traditional medicines. It may cure slowly because of the principles of the treatment approach. While western medicine treats the symptoms, which is relatively quick, traditional medicine addresses the root cause of the disease.

No Research, No Evidence and No Extensive Studies and No effectiveness

Merely an understatement about the traditional medicine. There may not be effective and widespread researches on traditional counterparts. The studies and efficacy of the conventional therapies stand long.  Ancient texts and medical scripts documents the information about the surgeries conducted in the prehistoric days.

Traditional Medicine Lacks Clinical Testing

As stated above, it is commonly believed that traditional medicine lacks clinical testing. These are more of homemade type of practices, which aren’t tested clinically. All medicines undergo meticulous preparatory process and laboratory tests. Each medicine and therapy administered is prescribed based on comprehensive diagnosis. Especially, Ayurveda is a scientifically proven medical system that goes hand in hand with the modern medical science.

Placebo Effect and No Cure

This is the second common myths that revolve around the traditional medicine.  Placebo effect means, the medicine has no power but the mentality and positive outlook of the patient cures the disease.

Some common myths around Ayurveda

To be more specific, there are quite a few myths revolve around the ancient wisdom, The Ayurveda. Listing out a few followed by a brief information.

  1. Ayurveda is all about home remedies
  2. Ayurvedic treatment do not need a physician
  3. Spa is the contemporary form of Ayurvedic therapies

These are a few among the number of myths that wraps the ancient wisdom of health and vitality. 

Ayurveda is not just a form of medicine, but a way of life. Ayurveda teaches you how to live happily, blissfully with good health, wellness for a long time. Indeed Ayurveda do not recommend any home remedy without proper prescription or direction from an Ayurvedic practitioner. And it goes without a saying; it needs a proper qualification to become qualified and certified Ayurvedic physician. Ayurveda is full of knowledge and without learning at least a significant part of it, Ayurvedic treatment is impossible!

Ayurvedic scripts construe a healthy lifestyle.  Indeed, Ayurveda is a wholistic system that envisions on eating healthy, having quality sleep, adequate exercise and sufficient rest. Most of the traditional medicines envision the same with different approaches. The traditional medicines establish a strong and sound health system by imparting appropriate healthy and lifestyle habits.

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