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How to Setup Ayurvedic Kitchen
How to Setup Ayurvedic Kitchen

How to Setup Ayurvedic Kitchen

We do have the best doctor in every home. Wondering? It’s nothing but the kitchen. The staples in the kitchen turn out to be the best medicines for many health conditions. In fact, a bowl of delicious home cooked meal not only satisfies your hunger but also feeds you health.

And, when it comes to Ayurveda, food is primary! Eat the Ayurvedic way for healthy life and longevity. You need to setup a comprehensive ayurvedic kitchen. Here is a brief overview on why and how to setup an Ayurvedic kitchen.

How to set up an ayurvedic kitchen

Don’t think of an Ayurvedic kitchen as an alien! It is all about sourcing your ingredients from nature! And yes, it also needs to comply with the ayurvedic principles.

Three major factors that contribute to an Ayurvedic kitchen

  • Vegetarianism Factor
  • Fresh, raw and organic produce
  • Herbs and spices

Vegetarianism factor literally means Satvic diet. Your foods shall be light weight, easy to digest and full of life. When it comes to fresh produce, make sure you source the organic produce. Not only the fresh products lose the nutritional value but also become toxic. It applies to all naturally sourced ingredients from fruits to grains and pulses.  You can also grow your own vegetables, greens and herbs.

Ayurveda is blended with the blissful nature. Indeed, Ayurveda has been a discovery from the nature. Just think of the Himalayan herbs, spices you get in the hills and mountains! There is bountiful of nature in Ayurveda. You can easily transform your normal kitchen into an ayurvedic kitchen packed with goodness of herbs and spices.

Flavor and taste are important part of cooking. Ayurveda insists on generous usage of herbs and spices. Every herb and spice comes with natural healing properties. Yes, you get multiple benefits. Herbs and spices not only make your bland food delicious but also healthy. For instance, adding fresh ginger in the foods you cook helps in proper digestion.

Always ensure you have loaded stock of fresh / dried herbs and a range spices.

Next important parts of Ayurvedic kitchen include the following.

Vessels / Utensils you use – Ayurvedic kitchen is not about the cooking ingredients but also the vessels you use.

  • Utensils made of Mud – Prolonged culture in South Asian countries. It neutralizes the pH balance in the body, gives you micronutrients and also makes the food more delicious.
  • Iron Utensils – Iron pots and vessels are used for ages for multiple health benefits. One important element is – getting adequate iron, which keeps anemia at bay!
  • Copper – Copper is recommended to store water, which provides loads of health benefits. It enhances immunity, slows down ageing process and there are a lot more to explore. 
  • Try to use wooden boards for vegetable chopping.
  • Eat in fresh banana leaf or silver plates.

Never use the following materials for cooking.

  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic

A healthy and energetic life has its base from the kitchen. Kick start your healthy lifestyle by setting up the Ayurvedic kitchen.

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