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How to Balance Restlessness
How to Balance Restlessness

How to Balance Restlessness

Restlessness is one of the common psychological condition, triggered by both emotions and physical factors. It makes you feel anxious, maintain a state of confusion, tension (yea, ecstasy and euphoria may have  a short life, but sadness may sustain for years and decades) and loss of interest. It is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain cells, due to stressful incidents.

Stress and Restlessness – The Connectivity

While restlessness is a silent killer, Stress is actually good to some extent. Don’t panic! It makes you alert, active, express emotions and make your body respond. But too much stress is too bad.

Stress in fact, is the major trigger of restlessness. Especially, prolonged and severe stress leads to extreme mood of restlessness. Unfortunately, even some high positive events which involved a lot of stress (like getting married, having a baby, construction of new home) could lead to restlessness causing anxiety attacks. 

Restlessness in Ayurveda

Ayurveda sticks to natural seasonal changes and insist on seasonal cleanse, which necessitates a transition from one season to other. Restlessness with or without anxiety attacks means too much movement, Vata dominance. It indicates too much Vata rushing in your body, pushing you from being stable. If you are naturally a Vata dominant individual, you are prone to restlessness.

How to balance restlessness naturally

Schedule a daily routine to keep you engaged.

Restlessness doesn’t make you stare at a wall, watch how the fan revolves, look at your smartphone for years and many more! Yet, it creates a chaos from your perception in every element around you. So, you are ripped away yourself from the daily routine and structure of your life. Set a routine and schedule the tasks, keep you engaged. Falling into a routine balances Vata dosha which regulates proper movements.

Do exercises

Exercises aren’t just meant to stay fit, build body or lose weight. Exercises make you feel good. It boosts the neurotransmitters of the brain, improves circulation and secretes endorphins, the feel-good hormones. Regular exercises makes you physically active and mentally alert.

Don’t try to run a marathon. Just go for a relaxing walk every day, all day for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Sleep for like whatever you want

Sleep tight. It is okay even if you sleep for hours and days. Sleeping is a good medicine that heals you from inside. Not many aware of the goodness of healthy sleep. If your body requires 20+ hours sleep, just go for it.

Make use of aromatic herbs, which are natural antidepressants

There are many natural antidepressants available to treat restlessness naturally. Lavender, chamomile, ginkgo bilobo, valerian, and hawthorn are a few to name. 

Stick to Vata balancing diet

Vata means dryness! So, to counteract, include more nourishing, hydrating and moisturizing foods. Reduce eating light, dry, raw, cold and bitter foods. Eat freshly cooked warm foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and more importantly avoid over eating. 

Regular massage with warm oil

Restlessness may cause severe troubles and may even lead to panic attacks. To soothe the nerves and calm your brain, get period Ayurvedic massage called Abhyanga. It helps slow your body and mind, rejuvenates you and helps you unwind.

Restlessness may ruin your life and your family. Talk to your family and get emotional support. In addition to above, sit in silence for a few minutes a day, or otherwise called meditate. It helps to calm down you. If necessary, you may even get Ayurvedic counseling to get rid of this restlessness state of mind.

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