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Gift of Almighty – Healing in Nature Nature is the wonderful gift from Almighty to the humankind. Everything in and around is made of various components of nature. Nature creates and nature heals. Yes, encompassing ourselves with the bliss of nature, unwinding in the laps and rhythms of nature, can…

Signs that your body needs Detox Detox is a process of removal of toxins from your body. Toxins and wastes accumulate in the body constantly. As such, excretion, the natural way of removal of toxins also happens. And, we excrete through urine, stool, sweating etc. At times, your body fails…

How to Setup Ayurvedic Kitchen We do have the best doctor in every home. Wondering? It’s nothing but the kitchen. The staples in the kitchen turn out to be the best medicines for many health conditions. In fact, a bowl of delicious home cooked meal not only satisfies your hunger…

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