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Ayurveda for women

Ayurveda for women
Women Health

Women HealthWomen are the most wonderful creations in this universe. The complex system of the woman needs proper care and nurturing. Regulated by multiple hormones, women undergo different phases biologically with hormonal rage and roar. There are certain health problems specific only to women. Women go through various transitions which…

Skin Care

Skin Care from Ayurvedic Context:Skin, the sensitive part of the body, acts like a barometer of the individual’s health. Majority of the health conditions have its impact on the skin health. Moreover, just by monitoring the changes in the skin, we can identify the progression of the diseases. Ayurveda admires…

Post Menopausal Care

Post Menopausal CareWomen, undergo a few important phases in life that involves hormonal imbalances while the transition from one phase to the next. However, these are the  milestones in life of every woman.  Menopause is an important milestone which marks the end of the menstrual cycle. The spring season ends…

Menstrual Irregularities

Menstrual IrregularitiesMenstrual irregularities are very common in women across all ages. Irregular menses can be of many types. In many cases it is common and harmless. However, you should exercise proper care and ensure your menstruation is going through a normal process. Improper cycle, spotting, infrequent or frequent menses, heavy…

Menopausal Syndrome

Menopausal SyndromeIs there anything worse than stress and anxiety in women? Yes, Menopause! Most of the women find it difficult to manage menopause. Unfortunately, governed by the hormonal disorders, menopause and menopausal syndrome often creates a chaos in women. From mood swings to bone loss to hot flushes, the fluctuation…


InfertilityInfertility is the new epidemic disorder. Fertility rate has been drastically reducing in the recent past. Overall lifestyle, stress and negligence about the health and self-care remain the three major reasons that affect the progeny in women. It is triggered by a number of factors from simple menstrual irregularities to…

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